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Voicing: Voicing refers to changing the tone quality and is the secret
to making a piano sound great. (Even with humble pianos this change is
dramatic!) After a piano is perfectly tuned it can still sound terrible. Why?
If the felt hammers are too hard it produces a bright and harsh, brittle
tone. Let me explain what causes this: The hammers act like drumsticks
as they strike the strings. If the felt hammers are too hard it produces the
bright and harsh, brittle tone that we don't want. Over time, the tone of
ALL pianos becomes harsh and bright because as the piano is played the
felt on the end of the hammer get packed down and becomes hard. As
a technician there are several techniques we use to soften the hammers
to create a soft, rich, warm tone that will sparkle. After this procedure is
done it is not uncommon for clients to say, "Wow, I never knew my piano could sound this great.